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Priority Occupational Health Ltd (POH) is based in Surrey and came into being in 2005 when Carole Miller sought new challenges at the time she was moving on from working as an Occupational Health Consultant in a well known and trusted consultancy business. Setting up a company with the aim of delivering professional, bespoke and time focused OH services seemed to be the obvious next step.

Priority should be given to the management of health and wellbeing issues in the workplace as your employees are probably your biggest asset.

Central to Priority Occupational Health’s philosophy is the delivery of services in a manner tailored to meet client needs, whatever the size of the organisation or business sector.

Carole Miller is the Operational Director of Priority Occupational Health and in addition to qualifications in occupational health and safety, has many years experience working in the public and private sector. This included work as a senior manager in a large private utility plc and then as a regional director in an occupational health consultancy, providing OH, safety and workplace stress services. Carole has the benefit of first-hand experience in dealing with the challenges and issues that arise when managing health, fitness for work and wellbeing in the business environment. The non-medical business and administrative support is provided by Alex Miller who, as the Financial Director deals with all administrative and financial matters. POH works on an associate basis using only qualified/accredited professionals who are specialists in their area of expertise.

Carole has always been a strong advocate of building and maintaining strong business relationships that endure during the good as well as the difficult times, no matter how testing the issues. Carole works closely with her associates and colleagues in order to provide robust, solution focussed services that are practical, up to date and driven by common sense.

Carole has a Masters degree in Occupational Health, Safety and Ergonomics from the University of Surrey, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health and a graduate member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health